Making Masks

I really like making paper masks. I have a pattern for a retro 'totem' mask and it's great because it folds down flat, so you can send it in the post.

Here's a couple I made earlier.

Animal hats for the BBC

I worked on a lovely little project with BBC 21CC, teaching kids how to make basic animations. The end result was a series of animations for Big Splash about animals that swim, with the aim to encourage other school kids to get swimming. I made some silly animal hats for each narrator of our animated stories to wear. Before the kids turned up for the day Becky and I had some fun wearing them!

Glasgow International Art Fair

A little while ago I was asked to paint some lovely log faces to be exhibited as part of the Glasgow International Arts Fair.  A temporary shop was set up made out of plastic crates that sold my Harrow Ladies Luncheon Club plates too.

One Thousand Paper Cranes

I like oragami, so recently a friend asked if I could do her a massive favour and make 1000 paper cranes for her wedding venue. Several hours later, here's how they turned out...

Cardboard Love

Community artist Rebecca Davies invited me to contribute to her latest project at The Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre. Rebecca has been creating art with the community around the area for the last few years and often runs projects in the empty units at the shopping centre.

I wanted to make a cardboard elephant that could be used as a 3D notice board for visitors to the space to post comments about the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.

Mady's wedding hairpiece

My dear friend Mady got married to a lovely man called Geoff a little while ago. She asked me to make something nice and lacy to go on her head. I made this little number.

Have a peek at her wedding here.